Sunday, 23 October 2011

SA/Namibia 2011 - Day 21. Durban.

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Two nights in Durban - brilliant. Durban is one of my favourite places. What could be better than being in Durban and having such a wonderful place to stay in whilst we were there?

We had had a good meal at a restaurant at uShaka last night followed by a beer or two and a wonderful night's rest in luxurious comfort.

The motorbikes were safely parked in the car park underneath the apartments, and we had no intention of riding them today. The plan was: leisurely breakfast. Walk along the beach. Coffee at the Hotel Edward. Walk into the city and explore Smith Street and West Street. Amble back for a swim at Addington Beach.

My Crocs, Durban's sand.

Yamaha Police Bikes on Snell Parade.

Mike on West Street.

John on West Street.

Well what used to be West Street or possibly Smith Street.

Durban is a great city. We walked around enjoying the hustle and bustle of this interesting place.

We visited the old law courts and also the City Hall. Completed in 1910, Durban City Hall displays a fine example of Edwardian Neo-baroque architecture. The current city hall is actually the second building in Durban made for this purpose, as the first city hall was taken over by the post office. During the late 1880's Durban started expanding at a rapid rate, and it was decided that the city needed a much larger town hall. In 1903 the town council announced that they would be accepting new design submissions for city hall. The chosen design came from architect Stanley G. Hudson, who was inspired by the city hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Construction was completed in 1910 and it was considered a 'very bold and progressive design' for its time. Mike and I visited the museum and art gallery. I have taken the liberty of including some of the art here.

As you can see, I enjoy African art. I find it original, interesting, thought-provoking and inspiring. I believe in the power of art.

A different kind of art.

Somebody once ask W.C. Fields what he believed? He said, "I believe I'll have a drink!" We had a beer on the way back to the apartment.

Tomorrow we take the Long Way Round towards Johannesburg.

Distance Today: 0 km. 0 miles.
Trip Distance: 5 794 km. 3 600 miles.

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