Sunday, 2 October 2011

SA/Namibia 2011 - Day 4. Vanrhynsdorp to Springbok.

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We departed Aan't Dorpseind (click for details) early, refuelling in Vanrhynsdorp before joining the N7 north. 

Aan't Dorpseind in the background. "Au Revoir Heila! See you again I hope."

We met some local bikers at the Caltex and had a chat as fellow motorbikers do. We were assured that the flowers north of this place were magnificent - and they were right. Tough bikers discussing flowers - I love it!

The road north to Springbok Namaqualand.

The rock formations in South Africa are magnificent. The N7 is definitely my favourite road in the whole world.

At coffee time we pulled into the little town of Garies. Sonja at the Toeristestal made us very welcome and we had a superb coffee and koeksuster break here. 

Andy M took this picture.

The flowers were starting to appear in more and more profusion. The following picture was taken at the side of the restaurant.

Motorbiker admires flowers - any questions ..............?

This is Kammieskroon. We pulled in here for ten minutes. I love these little dusty towns - especially with such wonderful colour.

Sorry ...... I seem to have been mesmerised by Flower Power!

Clearly I remembered to change the Lumix to Macro Zoom!

This is beautiful ............

....... and so is this, but in a different way! Klipdrift & Coke is wonderful for helping one to relax. Or maybe it was those shots of Witblitz kindly donated to the team by Jopie Kotze - owner of the Springbok Lodge. (Click for the link).

The bikes were getting a rest too. Here are three of them clicking and clacking as they cooled down in the secure parking behind our rooms.

We had had a wonderful day and considered ourselves fortunate in securing accommodation in Springbok at the height of the flower season.

Distance Today: 271 kilometers. 168 miles. 
Total Trip: 802 kilometers. 498 miles.

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