Monday, 3 October 2011

SA/Namibia 2011 - Day 5. Springbok to Grunau.

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Day 5 dawned in Springbok. We gathered our stuff together - retrieving my pants and tee shirts from the ceiling fan - and prepared to move onwards and upwards. Actually there were a few jobs to get done in Springbok before we could leave: ATM raids; Camera shop; Vodacom shop; Garage to have M.F's back brake bled; MIDAS shop for fully-synthetic engine oil.

Mike F's bike receiving mechanical attention at a garage. All done by about 10h00.

Meanwhile I had the opportunity to explore Springbok before we headed out. This hill is in the centre of Springbok. A fort on the hill was blown up by General Jan Smuts in the Boer War.

 This kind of "art" really intrigues me - I like it!

 A charming house in Springbok on Voortrekker Street - the main street.

 A house and wind pump situated just off the main street .......

........ just down this shady road.

 Finally we HAD to make tracks. We joined the N7 just north of the town.

The scenery approaching the border was beautiful. The koppies, the veld and the flowers were all magnificent.

The hills ahead flank the beautiful Orange River. The road winds through the terrain as it approaches before dropping down to the river level.

 The SAPS officials at the Border Post at Vioolsdrif were courteous and efficient.

Soon the formalities were over and we were on the bridge and crossing the line to Namibia.

 The Orange is my favourite river. I have crossed it at Hopetown, Gariep, Neilersdrif and Aliwal North in my time.......

 ....... but this crossing was special because I was entering a different country!

Tony E on the bridge. This was Tony's first visit to the Southern Hemisphere let alone South Africa and Namibia!

Customs on the Namibia side at Noordoewer were equally courteous and efficient. We parted with some N$/Rands for road tax and were on our way. The N7 was behind us ...... the B1 ahead.

The aim was to ride to Keetmanshoop but in Namibia no accommodation had been booked - flexi-rules applied. As it happened we spotted this delightful place at Grunau about 600m off the B1:

It was only about 14h30 but we decided to stay. It was a good decision and a beautiful place to stay. It is called the Country House. We had four rooms between the six of us. Brilliant!!

 Mike F and John K shared No.1.

Andrew M had No. 2.

 John M had No. 3.

 Tony E and Graeme W shared No. 4.

Andrew M and John M used a water tower pylon as a washing line!

I believe that this is a Quiver Tree.

Our overnight stay at Grunau and the Country House was very good. The staff were excellent, the food superb and the accommodation comfortable.

Distance Today: 271 kilometers. 168 miles. 
Total Trip: 1 073 kilometers. 666 miles.

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