Thursday, 9 May 2013

Wales 2013 - Taz Tours.

It seemed like a good idea to join Taz and Mrs Taz on one of their renowned motorcycle tours. This year the destination was Aberdovey, Wales.

The 09:00 rendezvous was not possible for me so I decided to make my own meandering way to the hotel. I calculated that the ride would take me about 4 hours. I packed my panniers and a tail bag and, after checking tyre pressures and the oil level, was ready to go.

All relevant captions below photos.

Moto ready to roll.

This is the odometer at the start of the trip.

My original idea was to record the ride by way of pubs en route. Here is the first one:

The Puss in Boots

At The Railway Inn at Cower's Lane I turned left onto the A517.

Beautiful Derbyshire countryside.

Straight ahead to Ashbourne.

I stopped briefly at Darley Moor Airfield.

The airfield reminded me of Heathrow!!

A few miles before I reached Stafford I stopped for a drink and a bite. 

The pubs of England are part of our culture. Nowhere else does pubs like ours. Long may they survive.

This is The Swan at Newport. There is a clue on the pub wall.
However, there were too many pubs and progress would have been at snail pace......

Newport is a pretty little place. I had a wander.

I pressed on through Halfway House and Welshpool. The scenery was getting more picturesque by the mile. This pic was taken at Mallwyd from the Brigands Inn.

At about 17h00 I arrived at the Penhelig Arms. The rest of the gang arrived shortly after. Some of us had not met before, so over a few drinks and dinner the pleasant getting-to-know-you process began. It was decided that the next morning we would set off for Snowdonia National Park.  

Here are most of the gang at Pen Y Glas?? Or possibly Llanberis?

This picture was taken near Machynlleth. River Dyfi?

After another enjoyable and laughter-filled evening we hit our respective sacks.  The next morning was to be a relaxed affair. It was Sunday morning after all. I'm not sure if anyone went to chapel.

After a cracking breakfast most of us went for  a stroll around Aberdovey.

Mrs Taz had her picture taken outside of the old family holiday cottage.

The Marine Drive of Aberdovey.

After our little wander around the town and the beach we decided to head off to Aberystwyth. Here is Mrs Taz again - this time with Tony the Farmer. Place: Promenade Aberystwyth.

What is it about odometers and me? My moto passed 37000 in Aberystwyth!

We took the coast road via Borth back to Aberdovey. We stopped for petrol in Machynlleth. Taz had one mile of fuel left in his tank. We stopped too soon. The next filling station was only half a mile away and was a penny cheaper!

The road from Machynlleth to Aberdovey had a few road works going on and temporary traffic lights. One of the joys of motorcycling is getting to the front of the queue. I don't believe we upset too many drivers!! Anyway, back to the hotel for a sundowner before dinner and drinks on our last night.

Sundowners on the deck. Lovely.

Dinner plus a laugh or two. It was fun.

Here is the top table. Kev the Heddlu is saying, "What's not too like?'

This is the Route Master. Well done Geoff.

Mr and Mrs Geoff plus high definition camera.

Day of departure. Beautiful sunshine.

Fairwell Penhelig Arms. Thank you for everything - especially Senorita Christina. If ever you need your refrigerator repaired I know just the person.

These pics were taken on the B4404 just north of Machynlleth.

It was such a beautiful day that I stopped every few minutes to take a pic.

Still on the B4404.  A489 ahead. 



B4393 near Llanfyllin.

Wales is so beautiful. I stopped for one final photo before entering Shropshire and heading for home.

Motorbike parked at home and clicking and clacking as it cooled down. Panniers and bags off.

Final odometer reading: 37187 = 525 miles trip.

It was a lovely long weekend. Thank you Taz and Mrs Taz for organising the whole thing and for introducing me to so many lovely people too. Can I please join you next time? ATB.