Saturday, 29 August 2009

Ride Out to Lincolnshire

We had a good day out to Lincolnshire. Most of us are more or less retired - except for the 'youngster' in the middle. This picture was taken at Ludford Cafe. (Click to enlarge).

L to R:
John M, Peter M, Graeme W, Rob H, John K & Mike F.

You can click here for Aerofile.

Friday, 28 August 2009

On the Ferry Home

Unfortunately we had to head for home. Here we are on the 'car' deck.

Tea Break at Veune

On the way back to the ferry port at Zeebrugge we stopped for a cuppa and an icecream at Veune in Belgium.

En Route to Chateau Renault from Saumur

Some of the 'boys' are just too good to be true!

This town is called Chateau-la-Valliere (with a thingy on the 1st 'e').

Enjoying the sunshine in Saumur

Saumur has some great pavement cafes.

The River Loire at Saumur

Saumur is a pretty, sunny town situated on the Loire River.

Dinner in Saumur

The Hotel Alcyon in Saumur was just the job. It was very geriatric biker friendly. We booked half-board and the hotel used a very novel way of providing the evening meal. We were dispatched to a different restaurant each evening for an excellent three course dinner. You can tell that we are not happy!

At a sunny Aire de France

Riding in France is very good. The roads are excellent, the traffic is relatively light, the weather is generally fine and the food is wonderful.

Just south of Rouen we found a great little bar/restaurant.

After Le Mans we stopped at a beautiful Aire for a quick break from the saddle.

Just arrived at Zeebrugge

Here we are just off the ship at the port of Zeebrugge.

The route from here is via Abbeville, Rouen and Le Mans to Saumur.

What could be better than setting off for a motorcycle adventure?

The Biker OAPs (and a few honorary youngsters) go to France

Recently we went to France (again!). As we are mostly from the Midlands and the heathen North, we decided to sail from Hull to Zeebrugge. Not riding to Dover saves a lot of hassle and frustration. Instead of the M1 south, M25 and M2 we opted for going against the flow for an easy ride on the A38, M1 north, M18 and M62. The ship, the accommodation, the food and the service on this P & O route are all excellent. Here we are at Hull Docks.