Wednesday, 5 October 2011

SA/Namibia 2011 - Day 7. Luderitz,

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We decided to take it 'easy' today and explore our local surroundings - but not by motorcycle. Luderitz has a charm of its own and an interesting harbour connected to the interior by a railway line to Keetmanshoop and beyond. A Spanish ship had limped into Luderitz Harbour for repairs. We met the seamen in the bar at the hotel. Serious deep-sea fishing is centered on this place too. My thought processes started me thinking; Hmmm ...... maybe we could ship our own bikes in next time. A container from Southampton with six bikes would probably not break the bank! Maybe Walvis Bay would work better .........

One aspect of the harbour.

Andy M - this is him - suggested a visit to the famous Kolmanskop. Good idea!

Very quickly the arrangements were made and a we were off. Andy sat next to the very nice lady driver because he was paying. 'I don't care what they say about you Andy - I think you are okay!'

 There were a lot of buildings like this.

I put my white gloves on and checked the window sills for dust, but didn't find any. 

Kolmanskop is very impressive. In its day it was quite a town. Diamonds, of course, was the reason for its existence. The restricted diamond area still pertains, and we had to get permission and certificates to enter the area. HERE is a link to this place.

We returned to Luderitz to enjoy exploring the town and to admire the beautiful German- style houses and buildings. Here are some just for you:

Having walked around the town photographing everything in sight, we convened for a toastie and a coffee at the Diaz Coffee Shop.

It was a good day in Luderitz. Tomorrow we head east. That is the only way out!

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