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SA/Namibia 2011 - Day 13. Calitzdorp to Stellenbosch.

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The first aim today is to ride to Barrydale 125 km southwest on the R62 for breakfast. The R62 is a beautiful road and we would be riding through the Huisrivier Pass, Zoar, Ladismith and Lemoenshoek.  Lady Juliana Smith was the very beautiful wife of Sir Harry Smith. She has two towns in South Africa named after her: Ladismith in the Cape and Ladysmith in KwaZulu Natal.

We made the obligatory stop at Ronne's Sex Shop, but there was nothing doing so we continued on to Barrydale and turned off the main road to The Blue Cow

The Blue Cow

The deck of the Blue Cow. Barrydale is in the background.

The proprietress and owner Hannette, a very vivacious lady, made us very welcome. The breakfasts and the company were first class. Hannette also gave us useful directions for a scenic ride to Villiersdorp.

From Barrydale - a lovely place - R62 took us to Montagu and then Ashton,  Robertsham then the R43 then Villiersdorp and R44 to Franschhoek. This is a very fertile and beautiful part of the Cape

 Approaching Montagu. Fruit trees. The picture doesn't do the colours justice.

This view is looking south - left side of the R62.

 Direction northwest on the R62. Soon we would be turning southwest on the R43 to Villiersdorp.

 Fruit trees and vines in abundance.

 Pretty farm on R62.

Montagu coming up.

Impressive mountains - but the weather is about to change.

The sky was getting dark, the reason for no more pictures until a few wet ones at Franschhoek.

We stopped in Villiersdorp for 15 minutes. The weather looked ominous to the northwest over the mountain. Northwest from Villiersdorp is where Franschhoek is located. We were in for a soaking......

....Franschhoek Pass was not very pleasant in the heavy rain and strong gusty wind. Graeme had his skill tested quite severely for two reasons: 1.) His rear tyre was pumped to 50 psi - at Garies, and 2.) He had a Toyota Fortuna up his exhaust pipe!!

Normally Franschhoek Pass is a brilliant ride - not today. But you can't win all the time. We pulled into Franschhoek cold, wet and shivering. Cold and wet seems to improve our parking - neat or what? This formation parking display is outside a coffee shop. '4 cappuccinos, 1 hot chocolate and 1 tea please.'


When we had warmed up a little, Mike F went to the Huguenot Monument to honour his ancestors.

It was still raining, so we had to endure a wet ride to Stellenbosch. However, the accommodation was excellent and soon we had had hot showers and were ready to explore this beautiful town a little, before being picked up by Mike's friends, Bill and Judith, for dinner at their place.

Secure in Stellenbosch.

 The fence looks friendly enough .....

Our accommodation for tonight. Very comfortable.

Andrew and I took a walk into the town.

Andy and I visited a few bars and had one or three Klippies & Coke purely to warm us up. We were still a little damp from the ride over the mountains.

Still damp, but the jacket was drying out .......

The buildings of the 19th Century are very interesting.

At 18h00 Bill picked us up as promised. It was almost dark by now, but we got a good idea of how beautiful the place was.

Bill has a few 'toys'. In addition to this Land Rover he has a Morris Minor and a vintage tractor.

 Bill did the braaivleis inside because it was still raining.

Judith wasn't far away. Look at all that food!

 That's a steak!

John M is asleep. Graeme is counting tonight's calories.

 John K trying hard to stay awake.

Mike enjoying our Stellenbosch night to the full.

It had been another interesting day. Riding, sunshine, warmth, beauty, scenery, breakfast, wind, rain, wet, cold, coffee, walking, klippies, dinner, wine, bed. zzzzzzz.......

Distance Today: 363 km. 226 miles.
Trip Total: 3 937 km. 2 447 miles.

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