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SA/Namibia 2011 - Day 9. Grunau to Springbok.

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I woke quite early. The early morning sunshine in Southern Africa makes it very easy to get up and get out. Also I had to turn over my clothes and stuff on the water pylon. By the time breakfast was over my clothes would be dry. That was the plan - and also to take my mates a cup of tea. I'm like that. Tea at dawn whether you want it or not!

Dawn - for sure.

We packed our stuff - it didn't take long! I found this scoundrel trying to make off with my bike.......

Possession is nine-tenths of the law, but we settled the ownership quickly. He is R5 better off and I have a motorbike to ride.

We headed for the security gate. Nestor the guard (17 years old and speaks five languages) saluted us. Just one thing Nestor .......... the gate!

Any excuse to stop at a stopping pace and to enjoy a brief chat in the sunshine. Mike F is checking his oil level. The bikes never missed a beat. I'll put some stats at the end re fuel consumption - which was excellent.

Mike F, Tony E, Graeme W, Andy M and John K. John M taking the picture! These stopping places are brilliant. Nowhere else in the world have I seen such excellent roadside rest facilities. South Africa and Namibia, I congratulate you.

It looks like I am travelling excessively light. Actually I also had a backpack - a Kriega R25 and a Kriega US-10 - the US -10 is on the bike. When we got to Cape Town I sent some stuff back with Andy which had proved to be excess baggage on the trip. Besides my motorbike kit - helmet, jacket, pants, boots and gloves, I ended up with three shirts, three u/pants, one jeans, three socks, one fleece, one shoes and one Crocs. The Crocs were specifically for walking on the beach at Durban!!

We reached the Orange River after 138 km, and once again entered beautiful South Africa. Namibia had been brilliant and we are kind of sad to be leaving such a wonderful country behind. I am sure that we will be back. As I said at Luderitz, maybe we can ship our own motorcycles into Walvis Bay next time and start the journey from there. Zambia (?) Zimbabwe (??) Botswana (???). I will start saving my pension for the NEXT Southern African Adventure. Anyone else want to come with?

I have seen the Vaal, the Limpopo, the Zambesi, and recently the Fish rivers, but my favourite river remains the Orange.

This view is looking east.

It had been our intention to photograph this impressive koppie of rocks northbound. We did not miss the opportunity this time. Aren't these rocks just amazing?

We are through the hills lining the Orange River now and, having climbed several hundred metres, we are now shooting straight for Springbok 121 km from the border.

Springbok ahead .......

....... just beyond those hills is Steinkopf and then only 52 km to go!

The vegetation (and wild life) is increasing by the mile.

The flowers are starting to appear again.

The colours are brighter.

We can't resist stopping for a closer look.

I could spend weeks here.

Finally we ride into Springbok. We have booked ahead (from Luderitz) for three rooms at the Springbok Lodge where we stayed before. Mr Jopie Kotze (Receptionist of the Year 19??) was obviously just as pleased to see us this time as he was the first time we rolled up at his establishment and requested rooms 'in the middle of the flower season!' 

Jopie is owner, manager, receptionist and most importantly cashier. He always has a ready smile for his favourite guests!

We were assigned three rooms in Die Stoor 75 m up the road. Same as before. It was good to be back in Springbok. Tomorrow we would be riding south and then east to Calvinia, but tonight it was time for some Klippies and some Kingklip or Kudu followed by a few Witblitzes from Jopie Kotze.

Distance Today: 259 km. 161 miles.
Total Trip: 2 310 km. 1 435 miles.

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