Tuesday, 18 October 2011

SA/Namibia 2011 - Day 18. Jeffreys Bay to East London.

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Before leaving Karla's and Jeffreys Bay we decided to ride to the beach for a quick swim in the Indian Ocean. Although we had not been brave enough to swim in the Atlantic at Luderitz we had ridden from one ocean to the other and we felt like celebrating the fact. So, with just swimming costumes and towels for luggage, we rode the few hundred metres to the beach.

No luggage - just swimmers.

My cossie is under the cargo net!

Not Speedo material ......?

It was early on Sunday morning .... no one about!

'Goodbye Karla. Thank you for having us. We are really pleased to have met you.'

'So long Karla. Thanks for everything. It was good to meet you.'

 Gamtoos River

 Mike making some adjustments.

 'Okay - ready to roll.'

On Bluewater Bay beach just north of Port Elizabeth.


About 46 km northeast of Port Elizabeth we turned east onto the R72 in the direction of Kenton-on-Sea.

 This is the Kariega River at Kenton-on-Sea.

I am sure that this river is joined to the famous Bushmans River not far upstream. We stopped here for a while and enjoyed watching a fisherman catch a large fish which he held up proudly for us to see.

 We are parked just off the bridge.

From here we followed the coast road to Port Alfred. This certainly was a prosperous looking town and we considerd looking for somewhere to stay the night. But first I was keen to visit 43 Air School and to have a quick look at the pilot training set up there.

 43 Air School

 The Chief Pilot was very kind and detailed one of is students to show us around.

 I was favourably impressed by 43 Air School.

We left the airfield and made the decision to press onwards and upwards - up the coast that is. There was nowhere obvious to stay for the night as we progressed towards East London and at about dusk we found ourselves entering the city. Eventually we found a place called John Bailie Guest Lodge at Bunkers Hill and we booked in.

John Bailie Guest Lodge

A lovely lady called Benita organized a meal and a beer for us at the lodge so that we didn't have to go searching for a place to eat. We had a very pleasant stay. Thank you Benita.

Distance Today: 378 km. 235 miles.
Trip Total: 5 104 km. 3 172 miles.

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