Monday, 17 October 2011

SA/Namibia 2011 - Day 14. Stellenbosch to Cape Town.

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That was the last night in South Africa for Tony, John K, Andrew and Graeme. They will be flying home today at 18h10. Tony has some harvesting to do, John K has a wedding to attend, Andrew has his dental practice calling and Graeme has roads to build. Mike and I will be staying in the country until the 28th - hooray!

So, only a short ride today to Cape Town. No time constraints - a leisurely breakfast was the first item on the (short) agenda. 

We cruised around the town once or twice before sighting a likely looking place for breakfast. It was, as it happens, a brilliant place called The Taste Bud. The staff were just opening up for the day. 

The Taste Bud

On enquiring we were assured that it was perfectly okay to park our motorbikes right adjacent in front of the jewish hall.

Breakfast at the Taste Bud in Stellenbosch. It was lovely.

Then it was time to ride to Cape Town and hand the motorcycles back to Danie at MotoBerlin. Of course, Mike and I were only taking our motorbikes back for a service and check over before picking them up again on Friday. Our plan was to ride to Johannesburg via the Transkei and Durban.

From L to R: Andrew, Tony, Graeme, John M, John K. The final few hours in South Africa for Andrew, Tony, Graeme and John K.

Taxi to the airport ...... we'll miss you.

Distance Today: 56 km. 35 miles.
Trip Total: 3 993 km. 2 482 miles.

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