Saturday, 13 March 2010

Moto S.A. DAY 17. Clarens to Johannesburg.

16 February 2010
This is Dr M's last day on this trip. From tonight I am solo again for the ride southbound to Cape Town - as I was northbound.
So it is to Johannesburg Airport for him and Johannesburg Fourways for me!

The R711 is the road from Clarens to Bethlehem.

I stopped to check the map for the road from Bethlehem towards Reitz. It is the R26. Then the R57 via Petrus Steyn and Heilbron towards Sasolburg then Denysville and Heidelburg. Finally Boksburg to Motorrad Rentals and then the airport and London for Dr M. Johannesburg for me.

So, turn right here and pick up the R26 going north.

There must be a turn to the north soon!

Here it is! The R26 to Reitz!

And to make up for the mundane Transvaal terrain - some Cosmos.

Even the culverts were decorated.

Maybe Dr M also stopped to admire the flowers?

But the price to pay is getting back on the tall Beemer.

Heidelberg Wimpy for lunch.

The only way to travel! AND - two vehicles in one parking place!

This is the terminus for Dr M. He is no longer the Dude-on-the-Bike! So which one is he?

Dr M had to get a taxi to O.R. Tambo International Airport - formerly Jan Smuts. I made my way to Fourways where I had a bed for the night at my cousin's place.

O.R. Tambo International Airport.

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