Thursday, 11 March 2010

Moto S.A. DAY 15. Underberg to Winterton.

14 February 2010

A kind invitation had been extended to us for Sunday lunch at Caversham Mill near Howick. Here is Dr M indicating the low cloud that we would have to climb through on the R617 before descending again towards the Midmar Dam. In fact this was the weekend of the "Midmar Mile".

It was a very cool morning and I stopped to zip closed the air vents on my Rallye 2 Pro moto gear. The road was good (ish), but visibility, due to the low cloud base, was bad at times.

At home I have a Garmin Zumo 550. But I took my old Garmin GPSMap76C which was brilliant. I forgot to mention that it suffered some collateral damage in the mountains. It came off the bike and I had a job finding it in the bush. It had a lot of damage, but still worked. Now it is held together with GPS bandages!!

Not only were we going to have to contend with poor vis and low cloud, but it was also raining cows!

The secondary roads (and signs) could do with some TLC. The Umkomaas River flows from the Drakensberg Mountains to the Indian Ocean near Umgababa.

There had been a lot of rain - we didn't see too much of it though - the rivers were full, and the country was green and lush.

Dr M on the Umkomaas River Bridge. He has a penchant for top-boxes. A back pack for me!!

I like this river.

Having to cope with cows and the thought of imminent low cloud, we stopped at The Pickle Pot for tea and a crepe (of the pancake variety).

The Pickle Pot car park.

The Pickle Pot Cafe

The Pickle Pot back garden - beautiful.

Half a gallon of tea inside us - time to go.

GS rider in the mist!

Finally on the descent to Howick. The low cloud is behind us. Gotta find Caversham Mill. Better have a look at the map!

Thokan's Cash Store at Lions' River seemed like a good place to refuel.

Here is Mr Thokan inside his wonderful general store. You could buy anything here. Dr M bought a bracelet. I bought some Castrol GTX 20W50. She didn't like it!!!

It's 12:00. Tempis fugit? OK - let's get to Caversham Mill.
Finally we reached Caversham Mill. This is the main house. It is spectacular inside and out. A beautiful home. The Caversham Mill Restaurant, Manor House and Country Cottages are nearby on the estate.

And a beautiful family. Diana cooked a lovely Sunday roast. It was a special day. Michael and Louise had taken part in the Midmar Mile that morning!! Katya, David, Louise, Michael, Diana, Terry. The two bookend bikers are obvious!!!

This is the view from the front of the house. It is Lions' River. We had a wonderful few hours here. Then it was time to ride off northwest and find Winterton and, hopefully, a place to lay down our heads. But before we leave Caversham Mill. HERE is the link.

We took the N3 and the R74 offramp at Frere. The weather looks clear ahead!

OK, now we are off the N3 and can take a quick pit stop before continuing to Winterton.

Yep! The outlook is fine!! Soon be at Winterton and having a sundowner.

Win-ter-ton!!! Yep, this is the place.

And this is the place that we found. Bullseye again. It is called the Kingfisher B&B and beautifully run by Johlene. HERE is the link. Or email:
We are having a sundowner before heading into town for a meal.

Dr M looking very dapper in his evening wear. Nearly at the main street.

And here IS Main Street. Many huge trucks use the R74.

This is another view of the Main Street running through Winterton.

I wanted to get some stuff here, but unfortunately the shop was closed. It was getting on for 7:00 PM.

It was to The Bridge Hotel for a few beers and a good meal. Then we wandered back in the dark to The Kingfisher for some sleep.

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