Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Moto S.A. DAY 7. Fourways & Summerset Estate. Midrand.

06 February 2010
I was treated like a long lost brother. After a welcome hot shower and few sundowner beers and a great supper, cooked by Mary, I slept very well. This was not totally surprising as I had ridden over 600 km the day before.

Mary washed my gear. I didn't want her too!

'Tiggy' the dog with his master and mistress.

The bike needed a wash. Alan is checking if there is any water left in Johannesburg!

Ship-shape and Bristol-fashion!

Mary preparing breakfast on the stoep.

My sister-in-law, Meriel, joined us for breakfast. It was a very pleasant morning. The last time that I had been to South Africa was over two years previously for my brother Rob's funeral. He only made it to 60 years. I still miss him tremendously.

Later that afternoon 6th February 2010 I rode over to Meriel's house at Summerset Place, Blue Hills, Midrand. The plan was to stay with her and leave for KZN on Monday the 8th February.
In the evening Meriel and I went to Papachino's Midrand for a very nice and relaxing meal.
I have to meet Dr M at the airport in the morning. His plane lands at 06:30 from London.

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