Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Moto S.A. DAY 8. Bordeaux. Randburg. Midrand. Summerset Estate.

07 February 2010
Dr M was flying to Johannesburg from London to join me for about 9 days of motorbiking in KwaZulu Natal and the Free State. His plane was due at O.R.Tambo International Airport at 06:30. At dawn I left the house. I borrowed Meriel's little pick-up to pick him up! It is hiding behind the white BMW!

06:03 local time at Summerset Place. I'm off to get Dr M from the airport.

Gosh! 06:04 already!

There was very little traffic, it being Sunday morning and very early. I met Dr M at 'Arrivals' at 07:35. His (borrowed from another biker mate) holdall bag had been broken by airport handlers - probably at London! No worries, at Johannesburg Airport they fix your luggage for you. There you are Graeme (owner of bag) it is being repaired! The bag is in South America now I believe. It gets around! It is ideal for motorcycle helmet and boots.

Having picked up Dr M and having had a little unintentional look at Tembisa township, we stopped at Carlswald for breakfast. The Mugg & Bean was recommended - so that's where we went. Good recommendation.

Dr M's first morning in South Africa. So far, so good. What's not to like?

My favourite shirt. Given to me by my niece and her husband. He owns BMW Atlantic Motorrad in Cape Town, which is why I got a good deal on bike hire! Everybody in the business in South Africa knows Wayne.

We were invited to my nephew Ross's place for a braai. Ross and Siobhan have three kiddies. Here they are with their friends watching 'Shaun the Sheep'! Funny sense of humour these English people have! Actually the kiddies seemed to enjoy S the S.

This is Naomi. She is the latest addition to the clan. She answers to 'Omi'!

It was a good braai. "Ross,Thank you for inviting us." He is the one in the middle. My brother's son.

This is (another) Andrew with Dr M.

This is my niece Emily and her father-in-law.

Penny and Meriel.

Omi and Neve. But I don't think it is spelled like that. More like Niabh! There is Irish in there somewhere.

Andrew, John & Ross. Cool guys!

It was a swimming braai party. But only the kids and I did any swimming. A chance for me to catch up with my brother's grandchildren. It was good.

Then we left Ross & Siobhan's - this is outside their house.
After this we went to a very good friend of mine for some beers and snacks. It was so good for me to be back in my home town again. I had left in 1966 to join the R.A.F and never really made it back again!
It was late by the time we drove back to Summerset Place. The second part of the 'adventure' starts tomorrow. Dr M will take delivery of his BMW800GS from MotoBerlin, and we will set off for ZwaZulu Natal.


Scott said...

Mike.. found your blog through my Kriega alert on Google. I am the North American Kriega Distributor, based in Arizona. Nice blog. Enjoy a little of the read, that I had time to go through tonight. Nice bike. I had an 03 GSA, now looking for a new one to replace a couple other machines in the garage. If you take your adventure off to the States, give us a ring, we will show you the southwest. (I'm 51 as well, so we can tell a tale or two)

jetadventure said...

Thanks for the comment Scott. The bike never missed a beat in 4,480 miles. I have a BMW1150GSADV here in the UK, but the 1200 is better, although I hate to admit it.
All the way with a Kriega R25 backpack on and zero backache or backside ache. Good bike. Good pack.
By the way, I have 15 years on you mate. I qualified for my UK bus pass nearly 6 years ago!!!
All the best,

Scott said...

Jet, funny, I must have misread something at the late hour. 15 years on me! I thought I read 51 ! Even more impressive ride at 66. My new role model.
Safe journey!

jetadventure said...

Scott - MY role model is 72. He wanted to come with me on this 'adventure' but couldn't make it. He rides a Honda CBF1000. When he had his 70th birthday he said, "70 is only a number!"