Sunday, 20 April 2014

Moto ADV - Holland/Germany/Luxembourg. Day 6.

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Trier is a fascinating city. It has much Roman history with very interesting Roman ruins. We decided to explore the place in the morning before checking out of the hotel at 12:00.

These aren't the ruins. We are getting to them!

Here they are ....

.... and here ....

....... and here .....

...... this was ......
.... built by Caesar Rococo!

Okay, enough K for Kultur. We set off for Aachen on our German Grand Tour. The intention was to follow the Mosel to the Sauer. Unfortunately we intercepted the Saar and followed that! Nevermind, we did a few 360s and then finally figured out where north was and pointed the motos towards Aachen by way of Echternach and Bitburg. We refuelled, bikes and peoples, in Rosport, Luxembourg.

Here we are in Germany, or Luxembourg or possibly Belgium!!

We were going via back-roads the shortest distance (!!!!) with destination Ibis Hotel in Aachen. We were supposed to stop in Bitburg because AM wanted to visit his (by now) favourite brewery. But again - I forgot (Doh!).

Ibis bar.

Although the en-route part wasn't too clever, the Sat-Nav did at least get us to the Ibis bar accurately. Here's proof above.

We thought we would treat some of the local bars to a display of sartorial elegance.

A rose by any other name........

We had another good German meal and some good German beers (and Samboucas). The motos are putting on kilometres. We are putting on kilogrammes. That was Day 6. 

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