Sunday, 20 April 2014

Moto ADV - Holland/Germany/Luxembourg. Day 4.

View Cologne - Koblenz - Karden in a larger map

After two days we departed Cologne. That's how long it took to get out of the city with my Garmin checked for the Avoidances of Highways and also Autobahns and set to Shortest Route (duh - dementia!!). Eventually we zig-zagged our way to the northeast side of the river and headed on the left bank of the Rhine in the general direction of Koblenz.

The day was sunny - to match my disposition - and we found a lovely place to park the motos and get a coffee.

This is definitely the life.

A hot chocolate with cream - and let's check the map!!

Soon it was time to set off again. The Sat-Nav is still in the wrong mode but somehow we made it to Koblenz.

A pretty street on the outskirts of Koblenz.

The back streets are very pleasant.

We are the Usual Suspects.

It was too early for lunch, but we had a quick ride into the city for a look-see. Somehow we ended up on the 'wrong' side of the Mosel River when leaving Koblenz - same problem, incorrect Sat-Nav settings. I should have just reverted to basics - DR (Dead Reckoning) - but we eventually sorted things out and headed for the first town on the river on the northwest-side. We followed the Mosel from that point.

As it happens this turned out quite well because we rolled into Karden and, just before dismissing the place as closed for stocktaking we persevered and found a lovely little hotel for a late snack and coffee.

A quaint little place.

The proprietor was very kind in agreeing to rustle up some cheese and ham toasties for us. I casually enquired as to the availability and cost of rooms for the night....

The answer was in the affirmative. Single rooms were available at €40 including breakfast. Wonderful. The general consensus was - Okay let's stay here for the night. We had no fixed plans anyway. We would press on to Trier tomorrow.

Bed - Good!

Hanging up place for moto gear - Good!

Room - Good!

In the evening, before dinner, we walked around Karden and had a beer in a local bar.

This was a most pleasant nightstop. After a very good night's sleep it was time to set off for Trier. We are now at Day 5.

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