Sunday, 20 April 2014

Moto ADV - Holland/Germany/Luxembourg. Day 5.

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This was the only rainy day that we had. We set off after a good breakfast for the riverside route to Trier. Thank you CR for pointing us in this direction.

Mr MF ready to roll. Good-looking moto. And bloke of course!

Not to mention Dr AM, his RT and his Day GLO.

I had forgotten that we were supposed to go via Tries and not follow the river immediately. I was doing a lot of "Doh-ing" on this ride. But after about a kilometre I remembered and we turned back to Tries, crossed the river, and set off over a switch-backy road in the hills to re-join the Mosel at Senheim.

Guess which suspect this one is? We are now at Bernkastel.

AM kindly confirming our position.

We were a little cold and wet. Well I was cold and wet, having no rain gear! We stopped for lunch at a very pleasant little restaurant. The proprietor didn't seem to mind his establishment being 'puddled'.

MF and JM.

AM and JK.

After this rather refreshing pit-stop we took off again. Trier here we come! Dr JK kindly took over the navigation as we wanted to be sure to reach our destination by nightfall... which we did.

The Park Plaza Hotel gave us a good deal. It was lovely. And we were able to park the bikes right outside the front entrance.

Trier by night.

After a few beers or three and a good dinner we headed back to our luxurious hotel - for a beer, possibly a Sambouca or two. Then bed-y-byes.

Ho-hum! WNTL? - What's Not To Like?

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