Thursday, 20 June 2013

Moto France (via Belgium) - Day 5.

Tigny - Zeebrugge in a larger map

Final Day: MF met with M Raymond W to settle the final bill. First though there was the question of beverage consumption. The reconciliation is done by a system of bottle tops, ticks, honesty and empties. The number is then divided by 2 and again by .5. MF relies on his ability to keep calm in even the most stressful of situations. I think it is his inability to understand the seriousness of the situation. Luckily Euros were acceptable and he had lots of those. They are like shrapnel.  

 It looks bad I know. It does seem like a lot. But MF did the maths. He says, "There are only 10 types of people - those who understand binary and those who do not."

Here is the proof.

Final group photo. Mais attendez. Zere are some peeps missing. Merde.
(Photoshop JA & J-M.D s'il vous plait!)

It looks like M Raymond is still figuring out why the drinks bill was so little.

What say we get out of here before Raymond figures out MF's numbers.

But first a little reminder of what we will be missing ........

 Le pont.

La maison.

L'autre pont.

 Le canal.

 La grange.

Le fleuve.

Le soleil.

But we could procrastinate no longer.  We had to go. We stopped for some petrol, but when they saw us coming they switched off les pompes à essence in case we emptied their town of fuel.

Mon Dieu. Nous marchons avec les fumes.

Undaunted, we contacted the Resistance and got some fuel on Le marché noir. (I'll be glad when my French hobby phase is over.)

V1 rocket.

We pulled in for lunch at a quaint little place which was kindly built and donated to the French nation by the Germans. They bollixed up the grounds with possibly a tad too much concrete, but they made a splendid job of the restaurant. I had a cappuccino and a chocolate brownie.

Mr TG did a great job of taking us on 'wiggeley' roads from the V1 Rocket Restaurant (thank you Krauts) through the busy town of Saint-Omer via Bergues and Hondschoote to the medieval Belgian town of Veurne.  Here we were able to give an impressive display of formation parking - one of our fortés or fortès.

It has become a tradition to call in at Veurne and to grace this rather drab town with our Gothic motos. 

We had a sizeable lunch in Veurne in case there was no food on the P&O ferry. Then we made the last dash for the port at Zeebrugge.

Zeebrugge Ferry Port - What's to like?

The next day we docked at Hull. On the car deck our motos were in two lines high above the cars and caravans and motos with trailers (hello??). Next to my motorcycle was a gentleman on a Virago. I started chatting to him. He was very pleasant and it was apparent that he had a few miles on the clock. He was 86 years old. He was with his son and his granddaughter.  They had been camping! Wow. Years of moto fun ahead for all of us.

Finally - I can't think of a caption for this photo. Can you? Prize for the winner.

PS. Mr MS sent me this link which is not totally unrelated to our credo: WWII PR Spitfire

PPS. Mr NM will soon be producing his brilliant magazine so keep a lookout. 


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