Friday, 14 June 2013

Moto France (via Belgium) - Day 3.

Day three dawned. It was another beautiful sunny day. This is what I saw when I looked out the window from my room:

View from second floor window.

You will observe above that M. Raymond Wartel is having an extension built for next year when our Mr MF invites even more bessie mates.

A view of Le Moulin's bridge from the river bank.

After breakfast of croissants (I had three), rolls, coffee, butter, jam, orange juice we assembled in the sunshine. Some of the gang (JA calls our 'gang' The Thick and the Fast) made plans to go and visit Vimy Ridge and the V1 Rocket facility at La Coupole. Others opted for steam trains. Our sub-gang went to the seaside for lunch followed by ice creams.

 "Yes ....... it should be wide enough for a GS with panniers!"

Motos raring to go.

Mr NM. Moto pilot extraordinaire.

Mr MF with Mr MB and his beautiful FireBlade moto. Or Lame de Feu as they say in France.
(Oops! I got that wrong. I have just been reminded that MB's moto is not a Lame de Feu but a Oiseau Noir. Mr MF says it is a Zulu Maiden. Let's just all agree on Blackbird. MB is also a Moto pilot extraordinaire. My own skill level allows only up to BMW Massey-Ferguson type.)

We all had a lovely day doing our various 'own things'. Here are just a few pics to give you a taste of the day:

Don't know what's happening here? Feedback please!

 Looking for shade maybe?

 Le paysage Francaise.


 What will you be mainly wearing today AM?

 JA and J-MD went here I think?

 ........ and 'ere.

 ....... and peut-être 'ere?

 MB, PG and TG was 'ere and .......

.... and also paid a visit to this GS - steam version.

Newsflash: The picture of the narrow gauge steam train Paul, Grumpy & I went on was the Chemin de Fer de la Baie de Somme. Just for accuracy!

Our sub-gang went to Berck:

 We had some ices. Mine tastes like $h*t£. I preferred NM's.

MF did some beach combing. Most sane people pick up driftwood. MF looks for brassieres and found one.

Happy days!

At around 15h00 we rode our motos back to Le Moulin at Tigny. We parked beautifully and soon we were having a cold beer in le jardin.

Tail light smashed? Yes - but not this moto, and not here. The joke almost worked!

 L-R: GW, BG, AM, TE.

 L-R: PG, MB, GW, TE.

L-R: GW, TE, JA, SA.

Soon it was time for dinner. Here are just a few examples of Raymond's and Sabine's cuisine:

A few drinks before bedtime maybe? I only drink to steady my nerves. Some nights I get so steady I can't move.


musicpaxmann said...

The sight of our backsides crawling around on the floor was us mending Dr John's Beemer after the rear brake locked up with an attack of gravel rash as we rode from La Coupole at St Omer towards the Canadian Monument at Vimy Ridge. Andrew acted as official photographer whilst John and I carried out the op. The bike survived. I recommend Aldi tool kits. Mike S

jetadventure said...

Thank you for that explanation. It is usually DR AM performing the operation (see so well done on fixing the moto.