Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A Spring Ride to Yorkshire. The 7,210 km Moto S.A. trip is finished - GET OVER IT!

Dr JK phoned me from Hull.
"Hey mate, do want to meet up for lunch at a pub tomorrow?"
"Definitely mate. What about Bawtry? It's about halfway between you and me!"
"Okay, sounds good. Looking at GoogleMaps how about meeting at the Crown Hotel?"
"Good idea. 12 o'clock suit you?"
"Yep. See you at 12. I might bring CE."
"Good. See ya tomorrow at the Crown car park. Hope that CE can make it!"

Tomorrow is here and it is a fine spring morning. I looked outside the house. The day is cool, but clear and sunny.

That's the car out of the garage. Now for the bike.

I'm wearing my ThinkBikeSA vest. This little run to Bawtry in Yorkshire seems tame after my hot 7,210 km South African ride.

Check the clocks before departure. It's 10:44. Should get to Bawtry by 12:00 easy!

Leave home and head for the A38. This is Red Lane at Makeney.

Just entering Holbrook.

From Holbrook I take the road to Coxbench.

Turn left here and take the B6179 to the A38 North.


B6179 Coxbench to Kilburn.

From here it is the A38 northeast to the M1.

B6179/A38 on-ramp.

Having taken the M1 and M18 the first photo opportunity was here, on the A631 towards Tickhill.

Approaching Tickhill I spotted a good-looking little farm.

Called (yep, you guessed right again!) Friary Farm.

Maybe this place used to be a Friary. Perhaps Friar Tuck was here before King Henry VIII sold all the Friaries and Monastries and Abbatoirs (where abbots hang out). It's not far from here to Sherwood Forest!

I intended to photograph the daffodils. You'll have to make do with buttercups!

But, I think we are all agreed - IT IS DEFINITELY SPRINGTIME!

Tickhill's approach is quite pretty actually.

Some people like pubs. I think that they are great institutions and keep the psychiatric hospital numbers down.

This traveller carries more luggage than me!

This is called the Butter Cross. It is the centre of the village.

The A631 Bawtry Road out of Tickhill. There are no ticks and no hills here though.

Still the A631. Some folks don't navigate by road numbers; they use pubs as landmarks.

Having turned right at The Red Lion carry straight on past the Traveller's Rest and bear left at the Scarborough Arms.

Then continue straight on until you get to the Crown Hotel Posting House on your left.

You can't miss it!

Dr JK was on time and waiting for me in the pub car park. He had ridden from Kingston upon Hull. I arrived at 12:02 from Duffield, Derbyshire!

Maybe if I had not stopped to take that last picture I would not have been 2 minutes late!

CE arrived at about 12:30 from Beverley, Yorkshire.

Dr JK and CE. Isn't being retired just great? Time-rich and lovely pubs to visit on our powerful motorbikes! Brilliant!

We have soooo much time - why not another photo? What the heck........and then after lunch we can maybe ride to Rainbow BMW and check out the new bikes and gear.

2010 BMW R1200GS.

Ditto. Nice huh?

White, grey or red?

This is a 2006 BMW R1200GS Adventure.

Same one ...... different angle.

This would be my choice .... a brand new BMW R1200GS Adventure. Having ridden a similar bike in South Africa for 7,210 km (4,480 miles) I can recommend it. All you need is about £12,000. Time to go home. It has been an OK day!


Frankofile said...

This is a good way to do the trip - see some sights, get the flavour, skip the bike shop visit! Thanks for sharing.

jetadventure said...

The bike was running rough. Rainbow BMW was nearby in Rotherham. They diagnosed AND fixed the problem in a jiffy - it was a corroded sparkplug coil. This is the ONLY shopping that I do. Anyway, we were given free coffee and chocolate digestives! Thanks for the comment. Vive le moto.