Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Moto ADV Holland/Germany/Luxembourg. Day 1.

Due to time constraints the SPAIN ADV has been postponed UFN. Instead we went by P & O to Europoort near Rotterdam. Our first destination was Maastricht. Here is the approximate route that we took....

Below is a rough guide to Day 1 (after getting to Holland of course):

View Europoort - Maastricht in a larger map

We parked the motos carefully on the car deck of the Pride of Rotterdam......

..... then, after a refreshing hot shower or three, repaired to the bar for a beer.

From L to R some of the usual suspects: Dr JK, Mr MF, Dr AM, Mr JM.

JM was responsible for the navigation. He made a complete b0££!k$ of it. Nevermind - it all worked out in the end and it made for some interesting roads and ferry crossings. Here is the first, of quite a few, ferry crossing of a canal:

The back roads of Holland are delightful and riding along the narrow roads on the dykes was an interesting experience. I made a mental note to return sometime and do some cycling in the Dutch countryside.

We had to stop frequently to check the map. As I said, the navigation was less than perfect.

Anyone know where we are? "Yep just by the Anker Brasserie."

We stopped for some fuel here. Cash only. Fair enough. It's a thumbs up from AM.

By mid-afternoon we pulled in here ......

...... because it looked attractive.

Early March sunshine. Middle of Holland.

We ordered some coffee and some cholesterol-free cakes.

Soon we set off again heading generally south for Maastricht.

By sunset we had checked in at the Novotel in Maastricht. They gave us quite a good deal.

Maastricht is a lovely city.

We discovered a good restaurant.

Maastricht is a place that I would like to visit again. 

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