Thursday, 20 December 2012

Cornwall in SEPTEMBER - Why not?

There was some doubt about riding our motorcycles to Cornwall so late in the year. Conditions could be poor - it could be cold, or wet, or cold and wet, or cold and wet and miserable. But what the heck - we MotoMates had long ago made the decision that in this country if one doesn't ride in the rain and the cold one hardly rides at all.

I like to call all-weather riding IFR. Pilots know IFR to mean Instrument Flight Rules - flying in cloud and rain, fog and clag. We are IFR bikers. We ride In Fog 'n' Rain.

Anyway, riding in Cornwall could not be wetter or colder than MF and me riding from Kalk Bay to Somerset West on a squally day last September. Never have I been so cold and wet. If it hadn't been for a hot chocolate at the Mug 'n' Bean I would have died of hyposomething.

Late on the Saturday afternoon we arrived at our B&B:

The place had seen better days (a little like us) but it was fine - comfortable, clean, hot water, good breakfast.

We parked the motorbikes in the parking space at the rear, carried our minimum luggage to the top floor where Bridie our Irish landlady had allocated us our three rooms. Pretty soon all daylight had gone. We headed out for a beer and a bite. It was only a short walk into Newquay town and found the busy, lively,  pub recommended by our lovely landlady.

For me, a large part of the attraction of motorcycle touring is the overnighting - the company, the laughs, the craic I think the Irish call it (Bridie would).

The next day was terrible weather (as forecast), but we didn't mind too much. The motorcycles were left exactly where we had parked them. We needed a bit of a rest from riding anyway. We walked down to the harbour to watch some mad folks preparing to put out to sea in rowing boats. I believe these crazy people were taking part in some ancient drowning ritual called County GIG Championships. 

Having observed these hardy souls we decided to go and have a hot chocolate. Which way Andy M?

We were looking for a warm coffee shop but couldn't find one anywhere ....  then suddenly we saw the big arrow!

The rest of the day was spent checking out various hostelries. Eventually we found one with NO EFFING MUSIC so that's where we stayed for the afternoon.

After a meal that wasn't prepared by Rick Stein we wended our weary way back to Bridie's for a nightcap and some well-deserved sleep after an arduous day. We certainly know how to have a good time!  See you tomorrow?

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