Thursday, 10 June 2010

Overnight at Greystoke, Cumbria

I looked out the window and, yes, it was raining. Well it was only the 8th of June and this is England! Only one thing for it - go motorbike riding and head for somewhere even wetter. Cumbria and the Lake District both sound quite wet. Let's go there!

Notice the rain gear! Also note the camping gear on the bike. Time to go!
The time is 09:45. I have to refuel and it is a 2h30m ride to the 12:30 rendezvous where I will meet up with my Yorkshire mates.
Here we are near a place called the Buttertubs which are fluted limestone columns and potholes on the road between Wensleydale and Swaledale. The potholes are not on the actual road on this occasion. Click here for the link.
Actually we (JM, MF, Dr J and CE) met up at Leyburn Railway Station. N54 18 28.48 W001 49 19.76 and then continued the ride through the beautiful West Yorkshire dales. We rode through Aysgarth and Hawes and then Thwaite and Keld.
Riding in the rain is okay. Provided that you have the correct gear on it is actually quite pleasant. There are advantages too; it is comfortable (not too hot) and there are no bugs committing hari-kari on your visor. I'm such a positive person!!

This is a river-side camping site near Keld. We stopped to check it out for future possibilities.

Yep; it looks fine!

At Tan-Hill Inn we stopped for a hot chocolate. It was run by two pretty maids. The location is The Causeway overlooking Teesdale at Reeth near Richmond.

Then we continued via Kirkby Stephen (a very attractive little town) to Appleby. Appleby is famous for the annual Horse Fair. In fact we came across numerous horse-drawn gypsy caravans on the adjacent roads. At around 17:30 we arrived at Greystoke Castle.

This is where MF and I planned to stay for the night. Here is the link and the coordinates:
N54 40 19.41 W002 52 14.08
Having established that the B&B was good - and it was - we booked in and then went to visit Dr J's daughter and son-in-law at Caldbeck. This was about 10 miles further northwest.

We rode through some very picturesque scenery on the way.

Having spent an hour at Dr J's outlaws and having had a nice cup of coffee, we headed back to Greystoke for a very good meal in the village pub.

The Boot & Shoe pub in Greystoke village, a 5 minute walk from the accommodation. It was good! Then, at 21:30, Dr J and CE, and having had zero alcohol (good guys) rode home to Hull and Beverley respectively - a three hour ride. Why? - because they had commitments the next day, like golf and building work. These OAPs are tough.
MF and I had enjoyed a few drinks in the pub the night before. We slept well, had a very nice breakfast, and then set off to have a brief look at the lake district. This and .............

......... also this, is Lake Windermere.

A pretty farm lane opposite the lake.

The bikes performed well. The next 'leg' was via Staveley and the A65 and Kirkby Lonsdale (coffee stop) to MF's home at Ilkley. Bonnie provided us with a lovely lunch and then I had to set off for the two hour ride south to my place.
It was a good trip and I'm glad that we went even though it rained a lot!! Notice I didn't actually camp!!

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jetadventure said...

Hi musicalvagabond,
I have just picked up your comment re my blog. Thank you for taking the time to write about dipping into and out of other people's little adventures. Your words have inspired me to organise another Ride-in-the-Rain. This shouldn't prove too difficult in England. It is gratifying to get some feedback and to learn that the style of blogging is easy for the reader. For me the format works as a personal record of my motorbiking trips with my geriatric mates. If posterity is also served so much the better.
All the best and thanks.